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Leather Goods and Accessories for Pets

We are Sublime Leather, a Colombian design brand dedicated to the artisanal manufacture of leather goods and utilitarian objects in leather and wood. Sublime was born from the need to create and believe in a life where ideas become reality thanks to manual work.



We believe in generating unique sensations in people when they see our products. We want them to feel sublime and radiate artistry for themselves and their loved ones, from people to pets.



We combine artisanal techniques from the leather and wood trade with technological processes that allow us to personalize products and expand the range of possibilities when creating.



We invite you to create with us because everything is possible; If it was an idea, it can become a sublime reality.

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Estudio1411 X Sublime Leather


Luis Guillermo Gomez Castiblanco and Nicolas Gomez Castiblanco

We are two brothers from Bogotá passionate about creation. We are driven by the unique feeling of giving life to our ideas, transforming raw materials with our own hands.

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