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Classic Necklace

Classic Necklace

Genuine leather on both sides, with double sewn pins and special attention to details, such as a central embossing surrounded by the seam, which provides more volume and makes it more attractive. Carry it in a combo with a strap and bag holder for only an additional 120,000!

  • Technical specifications

    Main material and color: Leather. Hardware material and color: Nickel-colored Zamak (silver).

    Technique: Machine sewing, tucked edges.

    *Additional Strap and Bag Holder: Strap length: 120cm

  • Pre-order

    A pre-order represents our commitment to quality and sustainability. We manufacture on demand to minimize environmental impact and ensure we offer you the best when you need it.

  • Size chart

    XS: 16-24 cm in circumference, width 2 cm.

    S: 24-34 cm in circumference, width 2 cm.

    M: 34-44 cm in circumference, width 2.5 cm.

    L: 44-54cm in circumference, width 3cm.

    XL: 52-62 cm in circumference, width 3 cm.

PriceFrom $60,000.00
This product is made to order and has a shipping time of 5 days.

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