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Frequent questions

  • What does a Pre-Order mean?
    The Pre-Order represents our commitment to quality and sustainability. We manufacture on demand to minimize environmental impact and ensure we offer you the best when you need it.
  • What is Estudio1411?
    Estudio1411 is a design and art platform that brings together various Colombian brands. We offer a specialized ecommerce experience for startups and small businesses, providing the best of design and art in one place.
  • Where is Estudio1411 located?
    Estudio1411 is a digital platform that brings together startups and small businesses in Colombia, offering a unique ecommerce experience with local design and art.
  • How can I buy at Estudio1411?
    Estudio1411 offers secure payment options through its e-commerce platform on its official website . Select your product, go to your shopping cart, complete the billing and shipping information, and finish by choosing the payment method that best suits your needs. Currently, you can make your payments using bank transfer, debit and credit card. Learn more on the payment methods page.
  • How long does my shipment take?
    For immediate delivery shipments, your order will be dispatched within a maximum period of 3 business days, thus guaranteeing that you receive the product as soon as possible. If your product is a pre-order, the maximum production and delivery time will be 30 days.
  • How do I know the status of my order?
    Upon completion of the purchase, you will receive a confirmation email that will include all the information about the status of your order, from preparation and production to shipping.
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