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Denim Necklace

Denim Necklace

Matching your pet has never been so easy. With our Denim collar, made of the classic jean fabric on the outside and with brown leather interior and pins, you can match your pet instantly. Carry it in a combo with a strap and bag holder for only an additional 120,000!

  • Technical specifications

    Main material and color: Leather. Hardware material and color: Nickel-colored Zamak (silver).

    Technique: Machine sewing, tucked edges.

    *Additional Strap and Bag Holder: Strap length: 120cm

  • Immediate delivery

    This product is available for immediate delivery. Simply select the color or size you want and complete the purchasing process. The product will be shipped within 1 to 3 business days.

  • Size chart

    XS: 16-24 cm in circumference, width 2 cm.

    S: 24-34 cm in circumference, width 2 cm.

    M: 34-44 cm in circumference, width 2.5 cm.

    L: 44-54 cm in circumference, width 3.2 cm.

    XL: 52-62 cm in circumference, width 3.2 cm.

PriceFrom $50,000.00

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