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It connects the origins of the trade with a timeless and versatile essence.

We are a design brand that highlights the value of ancestral crafts. We work 100% with our hands creating pieces that hold stories. A reflection of the duality that each person expresses and transforms. We are a sustainable and enduring brand that takes time in each process.



3 years ago BOE was born from

the search to bring together

people to their roots,

working in community and

opening spaces for dialogue and

of expression through




The rigid texture of its blade and

the contrast with the flower in its

interior represents the

duality of the essence that

each person weaves along

of the life.

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Maria Camila Beltran

Designer with 5 years of experience in the production of small leather goods and artisanal processes.

Founder, creative director and product designer at Bromelia Origen y Esencia, a brand that highlights the value of artisanal crafts, highlighting manual work, taking care of the detail of each piece that leaves the workshop, seeking sustainability in each material and process, giving the customer products that they can keep for many years.

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