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Zahor Backpack

Zahor Backpack

SKU: Bromelia_1

Zahorí Backpack inspired by a beautiful word that attributes to a person the faculty of

discover what is hidden.

Its assembly compiles different techniques hidden throughout the piece, processes that I was

rediscovering other accessories that I have made throughout my experience with the material

and the job, a subtle, spacious, comfortable and adjustable backpack to your needs. The Zahorí backpack

It is the ideal companion for any adventure.

  • It has a pocket with bellows on the outside, a pocket for a computer and another

With a zipper on the inside, the backpack has a double closure, with a zipper and magnets.

  • Technical specifications

    Genuine Argentine Leather.

    Orion Fabric lining.

    Italian Hardware in Single Tone

    Made 100% by hand

  • Pre-order

    A pre-order represents our commitment to quality and sustainability. We manufacture on demand to minimize environmental impact and ensure we offer you the best when you need it.

This product is made to order and has a shipping time of 15 days.

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