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Matiz Notebook

Matiz Notebook

SKU: Bromelia_4

The Matiz notebook is made of pineapple paper with a fusion of recycled paper, each

leaf so different from the other in color, thickness and texture, embraces the ink with a nuance

Cautious but wild, that is the role of a Bromeliad.

  • Made of brick-colored Italian leather, pineapple fiber craft paper + paper

recycled, interchangeable booklets, closure with mustard-colored elastic. (Each

notebook comes with two booklets)

  • Technical specifications

    Genuine Italian Leather.

    Pineapple Craft Paper + Recycled Paper.

    Copper Button.

    Elastic. Made 100% by hand.

  • Immediate delivery

    This product is available for immediate delivery. Simply select the color or size you want and complete the purchasing process. The product will be shipped within 1 to 3 business days.

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