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Estudio1411 X Leather Atelier

Our essence is the result of experiences

that we lived from the first day .

'1411' means November 14, the day this story began;

experiences that have led me to discover myself, to follow my passions and, most importantly, to obey my instinct.



Design has been a fundamental part of my story; I have managed to recognize, appreciate and learn from each object that surrounds me.



Each object is unique, since it is the responsibility of each one to recognize the function it contributes to our lives.



The leather craft is magical, because it transmits numerous values, feelings and experiences in a single piece.

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Estudio1411 X Leather Atelier

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Sergio Gómez Piedrahita

I am an Industrial Designer with experience in product design, specialized in the creation, prototyping and manufacturing of leather products. Additionally, I have experience in project management, digital content creation and marketing.

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